Gold Hill United Methodist Church
416 Dardanelles St
Gold Hill, Oregon 97525
 Rev. Terry Graunke  (541) 664-7910

We believe in our abilities to change lives for the better through faith in a higher power. We're an all-inclusive organization. This is to say, we don't turn away anyone who may need our help or those who just want to take part in all we offer. Rich and poor, old and young, sinner and saint, people of all races, creeds, and colors, even people of other faiths, you're all welcome here. Come see what we have to offer you.

We offer worship services Sundays at 900AM that help create a community of followers marked by unwavering faith and unconditional love. Our uplifting services feature messages that are valuable to life.

You'll find a home with us here. See our Map on Contact US

About Us
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